Food Processing Equipment & Facility Layouts

Food processing equipment and facility layouts are our specialty. We partner with companies in the industry to provide innovative food processing equipment and solutions to increase production while decreasing costs for maximum profitability. Whether you’re expanding a processing plant or introducing a new product to the market, we have the expertise to design, fabricate, and install the food processing equipment you need to get up and running – and we’ll do it on time. It’s just one way we’re innovating the food processing industry.

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Our Food Processing Equipment

Fusion Tech designs and manufactures a wide range of equipment and infrastructure products for the food and beverage processing industries. All of our equipment and products are designed to increase product yield, decrease operating expenses, and reduce the risk of employee injuries in your facility.

Our team can assist you from the very beginning of your project all the way to end — providing you custom solutions to your processing needs. We can take your napkin-sketch idea — those initial thoughts and goals you have for your facility — and present you with layout designs and 3D models of our solutions in your facility, so you can see how everything fits together. We will  help you improve production yields and ROI while optimizing your facility to live up to its fullest potential.

All of our equipment and infrastructure products can be custom designed and fabricated to fit your specific requirements and needs.

Solutions You Can See

Food processing is our passion – specifically, providing solutions for the food processing industry. We have over 10 years experience partnering with big-name food companies on their design and fabrication needs: everything from processing line layouts to designing a single piece of equipment. Our sanitary design standards, professional designers and engineers, and on-time delivery make Fusion Tech the smart choice for your next project.